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ECG line with drawing of a vibratory bowl feeder drive

We guard against heart rhythm disturbances

The drive is the heart of every feeding system. If it beats irregularly, the part feeding may stall or completely stop. That is why the drive systems for our LAS vibratory bowl feeders underwent an "open-heart surgery". Our engineers have analysed and optimized each component and tested the different types in various laboratory trials. Their endless dedication results in a new generation of more reliable and best-performing LAS drives with unbeatable cost-efficiency.

The benefits of the new drive systems:

  •     Improved running smoothness
  •     Enhanced feeding performance
  •     Exceptionally gentle part processing
  •     Safe conveying of even very light or heavy parts
  •     Also for geometrically complex parts, e.g. springs or entangled parts
  •     Appropriate for various materials, even high friction materials: plastics, metal, rubber etc.
  •     Energy-efficient – less energy input for higher throughput
  •     Unrivalled cost-efficiency-ratio
  •     Available in different sizes from 100 mm to 650 mm

And what is particularly important: The sorting bowls used until now can also be used with the new drives.

By the way: We also care about the heart of our employees, guests and neighbours. Our assembly hall features a heart defibrillator, which, in case of emergency, can stimulate stumbling hearts again. Fortunately, our company's first aiders have never had to use it. But it's comforting to know it is there.