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Vision - optical testing processes

Optical inspections can be used to check various parameters: Presence, completeness, surface, labelling, etc.

We select the appropriate technology for the respective task. The spectrum ranges from basic solutions for simple inspections to high-end applications for highly complex tasks.

Camera technology and image processing

Our services

  • Selection of the optimal camera and image processing technology
  • Adaptation of the technology to the specific task
  • Implementation of the inspection technology into the system

Technical features

  • Measurement accuracy up to 0,5 μ
  • Frame rates of up to 800 images per second
  • Integration of up to 21 cameras in one system
  • Resolutions from 0.5 Mpx to 151 Mpx

We are independent from specific hardware manufacturers. We always select the supplier whose technology is optimal from both a technical and an economic point of view.
If you prefer a specific manufacturer, we use their technology wherever possible.

Examples of applications

  • 2D, 2.5D, 3D, 3.5D
  • Hyperspectral analysis
  • White light interferometry
  • Thermal imaging
  • Shape-from-Shading
  • Structured light projection
  • Time-of-flight measurements (TOF)
  • Multiple lens arrays on one chip

Our experience, coupled with high-quality technology, makes it possible to reduce the pseudo error rate (IO parts incorrectly identified as defective) in your production to as low as 0%.

To keep the number of necessary cameras as small as possible, we use the latest optics, e.g. pericentric, endocentric or cavity lenses or mirror cabinets.


The better the objects which are to be inspected are illuminated, the more reliably the camera can detect them. This is why our comprehensive optical inspection concept also includes the selection and installation of suitable lighting.

Whether standard solution or completely customised lighting - we cover all areas, from small (5 x 5 mm) to large (2,000 x 2,000 mm).


Benefit from the expertise of our Vision & Robotics team for your own projects. Consult our specialists when you have relevant tasks.


Examples of possible consulting topics:

  • Planning and implementation of a complete project from analysis of what is needed, selection of technology and its programming to installation in your production line
  • Feasibility assessments: We assess what is technically possible and what is not
  • Retrofit: We analyse your existing optical inspection systems, point out the problems and make suggestions for improvement, which we implement directly if desired
  • Planning an optical inspection concept with suggestions on how you can implement it yourself
  • Comparing offers you have received: We offer you advice on whether the proposed means are suitable for your purpose and the most economical solution


Our specialists offer training in all areas of optical inspection technology, for example:

  • Optimum illumination
  • Optics: technical basics, market overview, selection criteria, etc.
  • Algorithm Basics 2D / 3D
  • Algorithm Expert 2D / 3D
  • Basic knowledge 2.5D / 3.5D
  • Current technology overview
  • Project Management