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Cost-saving compact machine for assembly and inspection purposes

smartCELL Assembly machine in the LAS hall

The smartCELL is a compact, cost-saving basic machine. Equipped with a pneumatic drive solution and appropriate accessories, the smartCELL is fully matched to the assembly and inspection of sub-assemblies or products. The different criteria, such as the number of individual parts and processes as well as the required assembly performance are of course taken into account without forgetting the place of use. Thanks to its reduced space requirement of less than one square meter, the smartCELL can be installed almost everywhere or be integrated in existing production lines without any problems.

  • for output rates up to 30 parts/minute
  • assembly and inspection of sub-assemblies or products composed of 2 to 4 components
  • appropriate feeding process using LAS feedingSYSTEMS
  • 100% inspection of a product on one or several tracks
  • optimised for integration in existing production lines

Accessories (selection)


Process modules

robust field-proven standard units for various processes



for the smart and reliable selection and feeding of parts at high performance and easy cleaning



optional for the neat placement of the inspected parts into blister trays



optional for the ejection of the parts as bulk material into recipients or bulks


Leaflet smartCELL