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Robotics – flexible, reliable, productive

Robots are used where special flexibility is needed in the production process. Possible reasons are for example

  • Parts cannot be fed automatically (too large/small/heavy/complex geometry etc.)
  • Lack of space for feeding technology with hoppers, bowl feeders and linear conveyors
  • Rather small or highly variable batch sizes
  • High number of variants
  • The work is strenuous or monotonous for the operating personnel

This is where robots come into their own:

  • High flexibility
  • Low space requirement
  • Many part variants possible
  • Easy to expand to new variants
  • Ideal for demanding components
  • Precise design, high repeatability

Typical applications for robots

  • Feeding, separating, correct positioning, even with complex geometries
  • Sorting based on defined features
  • Assembly processes
  • Pick & place applications: Gripping and placing of components at defined positions
  • Support for manual workstations
  • Human-robot collaboration (cobots)

We select the ideal robots and programme them for the respective task. In addition to initial programming, we also undertake activities such as reprogramming, teaching new variants, troubleshooting, consulting and training.


Technical possibilities

  • Repeatability of up to 0.01 mm ensures precision
  • Up to 100 parts/minute per robot enable fast processes
  • Conventional robots move loads up to 20 kg, special solutions even more

Possible fields of application

Bin Picking

The robot picks unsorted bulk material from a bin.

AI Bin Picking

Bin picking with AI support. Here, parts do not have to be taught into the system beforehand.

Flex Picking

Feeder systems transport the unsorted parts one by one onto a vibrating surface that is detected by cameras. From there, the robot picks them up. This is a combination of feeding and sorting/separating.

Conveyor Tracking

The parts arrive unsorted on a conveyor belt, are detected by cameras and then gripped by the robot for separation, sorting or assembly.

Intelligent gripper solutions

By using multiple or interchangeable grippers, up to 6,000 part variants can be handled in one machine.

The grippers can grip the parts using different techniques:

  • Magnetic
  • Vacuum suction gripper
  • Clamping gripper
  • Form gripper (negative form of the part to be gripped)

Depending on the requirements, we use single or multiple grippers. If it makes sense, a camera can also be attached directly to the gripper.