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Six LAS employees in company jerseys stand in a handball goal

Strong in penalty shots

Lots of fun for LAS team at the handball tournament of TSV Allowa.

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Five employees in LAS shirts at the finish line of the Remstal Marathon 2023

Great marathon race

Five employees live up to our slogan "Speed makes the difference".

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Production hall at Sensoplast with several LAS assembly machines

New film

Pipette assembly in everyday production.

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Animated image of the LAS-dKip-Cube in front of a blurred image of the company building

Unfamiliar perspective

Turn us back and forth and up and down.

dKip Box
Eight LAS employees with gift baskets that they received on their 10th anniversary with the company

Ten years on the team

Ten of our colleagues have been members of the LAS team for ten or more years.

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Photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of the LAS company building

We invest in environmental protection

The roof of our assembly hall has recently begun to gleam blue-black. We had 259 solar modules installed on it.

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LAS employee with staff from aid organisations on the Polish-Ukrainian border

Aid transport for Ukraine

Our employee Denis Rduch likes to lend a hand. This also applies to the aid for the Ukrainian people. Last weekend, he and a friend drove 1.2 tons of relief supplies to the crisis region.

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Our employee Marvin Schiller with protective equipment during the cleanup in the Ahr valley

Input for flood victims in the Ahr Valley

The pictures from the Ahr Valley destroyed by the floods are probably still in the minds of most of us.

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Participating child and coach of a handball camp for children with T-shirt with LAS print

LAS supports handball camp

During the autumn vacations, a two-day handball camp with over 50 children took place in Alfdorf. It was organized by the handball departments of TSV Alfdorf-Lorch and WSG Allowa.

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Screenshot of the start screen of a film about the assembly of disposable syringes

New film – assembly line for syringes

Before we delivered one of our assembly lines to the customer, we shot a short film in our assembly hall again. It shows the assembly machine in trial operation in our assembly hall.

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ECG line with drawing of a vibratory bowl feeder drive

We guard against heart rhythm disturbances

The drive is the heart of every feeding system. If it beats irregularly, the part feeding may stall or completely stop. That is why the drive systems for our LAS vibratory bowl feeders underwent an "open-heart surgery".

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Cover page of our brochure Assembly and Test Systems for Medical Devices

New brochure for the medical devices sector

Many of our machines are used for assembly and/or testing processes in the pharmaceutical and medical sector. We are familiar with the specific requirements and standards that have to be met here.

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LAS employee controlling an assembly machine with a mobile panel

Comfortable machine operation with tablet computer

Lately we increase the usage of mobile operating panels, so-called industrial tablet computers, to operate our machines. Industrial tablet computers are the most advanced type of machine control.

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LAS logo for the company's 10th anniversary in 2020

10 years LAS

Only 10 years have passed since the foundation of our company. Not much time, if you consider what we have achieved up to now.

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