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We automate your production

Feed, assemble, test

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General view of a continuous motion assembly machine with red drippers

The experts dedicated to providing automation solutions

Our machines speed up your production.

We manufacture special machines designed for the feeding, assembly and/or monitoring of your products. Based on our LAS standards, every machine is tailored to your product and your requirements.

We are driven by new challenges. It inspires us to think our way into your task, to understand what you want, and then to develop a solution that exactly meets your expectations. The basis for this is the knowledge and skills we have gained in many years of professional experience and which we keep up to date with regular training.

In this movie you will get an impression of what we do and how we work.


our business units

Our four business units tightly work together. But they also offer independent solutions for you.

Partial view of a continuous motion assembly machine with red drippers


Our major activity consists in the design and construction of assembly machines for the production of your series and bulk products. Whether partially or fully automated, clocked or continuously running, 20 or 1,000 parts a minute - our range of machines is broad. Thus, we have a suitable machine concept for every requirement, which we adapt individually to your product, your performance and quality requirements and your production conditions.


LAS feeding systems are the basis of our highly efficient assembly lines.

If you are configurating your feeding system yourself, we will be happy to provide you with high-performance drives for vibratory bowl feeders and linear rails or other components. However, you can also rely on complete feeding solutions from stocking and feeding to position-controlled provisioning and separation.


Testing is involved in almost every production process.

As soon as the testing processes become more sophisticated, our Test Automation division comes into play. Whether separate test stands for random sampling in the laboratory or 100% testing downstream of the production process - the experts in our Test Automation division are proficient in all variants.


Hardly any assembly process can do without optical inspections. When the requirements are particularly demanding, the experts of our Vision + Robotics business unit come into play. They are also in demand when robots are integrated into the assembly process.

In addition to projects on our assembly systems, our Vision + Robotics team is also happy to take care of your tasks in these areas as a service provider.


Our specialists for nonstandard applications design highly sophisticated individual applications and small series. This requires a great amount of sensitivity, fine motor skills and the corresponding know-how.

Examples are plug contacts, assembly or testing stations, if applicable also with mechanical and electric design.

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Six LAS employees in company jerseys stand in a handball goal

Strong in penalty shots

Lots of fun for LAS team at the handball tournament of TSV Allowa.

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Five employees in LAS shirts at the finish line of the Remstal Marathon 2023

Great marathon race

Five employees live up to our slogan "Speed makes the difference".

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Production hall at Sensoplast with several LAS assembly machines

New film

Pipette assembly: This is what it looks like when our machines are in continuous operation at the customer's plant.

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Animated image of the LAS-dKip-Cube in front of a blurred image of the company building

Unfamiliar perspective

Turn us back and forth and up and down.

dKip Box