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Five employees in LAS shirts at the finish line of the Remstal Marathon 2023

Great marathon race

Not only do our machines run fast, but our employees do too. The proof: a time of well under four hours for the LAS team in the relay race of the Remstal Marathon. There, our slogan "Speed makes the difference" was implemented in an exemplary manner.

The course mainly ran along the river Rems from Schwäbisch Gmünd to Waiblingen. The first runner was Konstantin Bachmann, who passed the baton to Marco Hübl in Lorch. The latter ran to the finish of the half marathon in Urbach and handed over to Laura Kollmannthaler. Her leg's destination was Schorndorf. There Sandra Wüst was waiting to take over the leg to Winterbach. Adrian Pfahl ran the remaining distance to the finish at the Rundsporthalle.

All five stayed below their training times per kilometer, so an excellent time for the just over 42 kilometers was possible. Together they crossed the finish line after 3:45 hours.

We are super proud of the five and congratulate them on this great performance!