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LAS assembly solutions for the food industry are based on cam-controlled machinery configured to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That robustness and reliability, paired with a very easy-to-clean design tailored to operation in clean production environments, makes LAS machinery ideal for the food industry.



Case study: assembly machine for drinking caps

Red plastic drinking cap

The customer requirements

  • Output of 39,000 caps/h
  • Assembly of 2 Types, each consisting of 3 single parts
  • Technical availability > 95%
  • Lean machine design, focussed on the assembly task
  • Compliance with the quality and safety standards of the food industry
Technical layout for an assembly machine for drinking caps

our solution

1 cam-controlled continuous motion machine speedCELL, equipped with 2 assembly towers with 36 tools each. The parts are fed by 2 feeders each.

  • 650 cycles/minute (39,000 parts/h)
  • Safe feeding oft he parts
  • Good accessibility
  • Simple to operate