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Fittings technology

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High availability, long service life and the ability to handle a wide range of variants are the key demands imposed on assembly machinery for window and furniture hardware. Both small parts and long components have to be reliably fed and assembled.

LAS's highly robust cam-controlled assembly machinery and the feeder systems tailored to them are capable of meeting those challenges. Moreover, our staff have decades of experience in handling processes such as joining, riveting, bolting and greasing. That combination of resources guarantees smart, reliable solutions.



Case study: Assembly line für window fittings

3D visualisation of a window fitting

The customer requirements

  • Assembly of 2,400 fittings/h
  • 18 different types in different lengths and equipment, consisting of up to 15 single parts
  • Short changeover time for type changes to increase the availability
  • Safe feeding of long steel parts in different length
  • Extremely robust machine design for continuous 24/7 operation
  • Limited employees
Technical layout for an assembly machine for window fittings

Our solution

3 linked cam-driven assembly machines ratioCELL in massive design with 16 / 24 fixtures on rotary table.

  • 40 cycles/minute (2,400 parts/h)
  • Good accessibility
  • Simple to operate
  • Changeover time < 10 minutes
  • Safe feeding of long steel parts in different lengths
  • Interaction of cam driven and servo driven units


Key processes

  • Assembly
  • Wobble Riveting
  • Greasing
  • Optical and tactile inspections


Footprint: 200 m²
Implementation time: 18 months