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Feeding and assembling plastic components is one of LAS's core competencies. Whether bottle tops, dosers, airless dispensers, atomisers ..., all single parts are carefully fed to their assembly point, assembled with precision, and then outputted as bulk product or in magazine form. All assembly processes are monitored. A typical example is the assembly of a closure, consisting of a cover, a seal and a cap.

The production machinery manufactured in this way attains output rates of up to 480 parts per minute. For almost rotationally symmetrical components, output rates of up to 1,000 parts per minute are even possible.

Two lids for jars and a spray head for hairspray

Documentation /
Order Processing

  • Detailed LAS job record for the precise project management and the clear process definition
  • Timetable for the observance of deadlines, milestones and capacity monitoring
  • Observance of guidelines such as GMP (DQ, IQ, OQ), GAMP5, 21 CFR part 1
  • Implementation of a risk and process FMEA
  • Production supervision, statistics, traceability, data storage, data extraction
  • Material certificates



Case study: Assembly line for caps

Seven bottle caps in different designs and colours

The customer requirements

  • Assembly of 260 caps/minute, existing of 2 single parts
  • Technical availability > 95%
  • Safe feeding of sealings
  • Autonomous production of 2h
  • Machine design after the strict guidelines of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Good accessibility to the process stations
Technical layout for an assembly machine für caps

our solution

Cam-driven picoCELL assembly machine

Footprint of the base machine: < 1 m²

Footprint over all: 6 m²

Implementation time: 4 months

  • 65 cycles/minute (15,600 parts/h)
  • 2 and 4 track feeding of cap and sealing
  • Gentle gripping of parts with vacuum pipette
  • Inspection after each single assembly step
  • Small footprint