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Who we are?

We are dedicated machine builders, heart and soul. There is nothing more exciting for us. Every job is new. Every project deals with other products, processes and requirements. Instead of routine, we constantly experience new challenges.

Of course, that is demanding. But that's exactly what we like. It encourages us to think flexibly, to constantly upskill ourselves and to form powerful teams. LAS also has a wealth of experience and mature processes. This is how we create plants that inspire our customers and us as well.

We fulfill clichés

Swabians are said to have two things going for them: That they like to tinker and are very thrifty. Both of these things are coming our way.

Our passion for tinkering makes us tackle every new project with enthusiasm. We ponder, plan, discard, start over, revise, optimize ... until we have found a solution that solves your problem reliably and in the long term.

Our thrifty approach ensures that we search for solutions as long as necessary, but no longer. Whenever possible, we use mature LAS standards that we adapt to your task. This saves you time and money. The plant must be economical for you - we always keep that in mind.

What is important for us

The trustworthy cooperation in the long term with our customers is the basis for good results. The better we know each other, the smoother the projects run. And if something does go wrong, it's easier to find a solution.

That is why we attach great importance to the fact that we can rely on each other. The basis for that is honesty in mutual dealings.

We can see that our customers share these values from the fact that almost every project results in further orders.

We can do anything

This is often true, but not always. It may sometimes happen that your product, your budget or your deadline does not match our machine concept, our idea of quality or our order situation. In such cases, we will discuss the matter openly with you.

Everything in-house

All project steps are managed in-house by our own employees: from planning, design, assembly and programming to commissioning and maintenance.

This is how we can quickly and flexibly respond to your needs and the know-how of your product and other specific information of your company remain in our hands.

The sooner the better

If you involve us already in the early development phase of your process parts, we can give you valuable advice for automation-compatible design. This makes it easier to feed your parts later and assemble them more reliably, thus saving money and time in your production process.