Pharma / Medical

Easy-to-clean production machinery, manufactured and certified in compliance with all relevant standards including GMP requirements, is essential for applications in the medical technology and pharmaceutical sectors.

The LAS team has years of experience in the manufacture of machinery for clean-room production environments. The company's assembly and testing machines and its in-house feeding systems are manufactured in accordance with the stringent standards of GMP, GAMP 5 or CFR21 part 11. For example, product-touching components such as grippers, feeding bowls and linear conveyors are provided with special abrasion-proof surface finishes. We also produce material certificates and conduct qualification testing (DQ, IQ, OQ).

More information:
Application pipette assembly  (PDF, 400 kB)
Video showing the assembly of pipettes with a ratioCELL assembly machine
Video showing the assembly of dropper caps with a speedCELL assembly machine