2010 - The beginning

In May 2010, a small team of six men started building the first compact cam-controlled assembly machines in a former car dealership in Korb with a lot of enthusiasm and even more experience. Their courage paid off and the number of orders increased steadily. As a result, our team grew to 22 members after two years, 44 after 5 years and today we are more than seventy colleagues. The clientele grew steadily and is made up of companies from a wide range of industries, which makes us less sensitive to economic fluctuations.

Früheres Firmengebäude von LAS in Korb

Former company site in Korb

While our initial focus was on the design, standardisation and construction of compact assembly machines, we also realise complex assembly and testing systems now as well as continuous high-performance machines with an output of up to 1,000 parts/minute. We pushed ahead with the further development of the LAS basic machines and standardized the control technology. We also set up a feeding technology department. This department manufactures the feeding systems for our machines, but also supplies components or complete feeding systems to customers who then integrate them into their machines.

Former assembly hall of LAS Lean Assembly Systems in Korb

Assembly hall in Korb

2015 - Growth and Relocation

With this growth, it was inevitable that the initially so generous premises quickly filled up and finally reached their limits. In 2014, we bought an existing but completely gutted company building in Lorch-Weitmars, which we modernized and adapted exactly to our needs. The year 2015 saw the move, which tripled our floor space.

Not only the spatial situation changed. The vertical range of manufacture also increased. We now manufacture components ourselves, which we initially had to buy. The establishment of new departments has contributed to this.

Company site of LAS Lean Assembly Systems GmbH at Lorch-Weitmars

New company site in Lorch-Weitmars

2017 - Expansion of the product range

With the takeover of the Eccard company at the end of 2017, we considerably expanded our feeding technology division. Since then, we also manufacture the drives for our spiral and linear conveyors and vibratory hoppers ourselves. These drives are not only used in our feeding systems. Large quantities go to customers who use them in their own feeding and sorting equipment.

In 2019 LAS took over the business of the company Lackner from Schwäbisch Gmünd. Since then, we are able to manufacture many production parts ourselves. In addition, the production of special applications was added as a further business field.

Assembly hall of LAS Lean Assembly Systems GmbH in Lorch-Weitmars

Assembly hall in Lorch-Weitmars